The Biggest Obstacle of Life

Confusion. It is one of the most conflicting emotions that any human being can feel. This is the result of the feeling that there is no definite action that can be taken. Even though most people hate feeling this, it can lead to so many developments that are both extremely negative or positive. Confusion can lead to anxiety and stress, or it could lead to success if dealt with the right way. No sane person can claim that their success was the result of positive thinking and hope. I believe that success without any type of obstacle, can’t even be labeled as an accomplishment. There is no challenge when there are no obstacles that block the way to one’s success.

People who have dealt with these obstacles and have overcome their challenges are deserving of such recognition, but there are people who live in this world who completely disagree. These people see another person’s success and become so envious and obsessive of that person success. They believe that it is their responsibility to either create more obstacles for that person, or they make it their personal mission to tear that person down by their foundation. People can’t take to the streets to protest in a peaceful manner, because these protest have lost effectiveness for two reasons, firstly people have shifted to using more forceful, violent and hateful based actions, and secondly they have figured out that people are much more easier promted to take action through feelings of anger and hatred. These people have realized that it is impossible to motivate people to action through sorrow, because this emotion has become a sign of weakness to some.

These obstacles are built in the form of conspiracies and false information that was provided by a creditable source. People, in the past, could rely on the news because it was the truth, whether people wanted to hear it or not. This was the source of news, but nowadays we rely on social media to keep us up to date with the news, even though a majority of it is just click bait created by people, who what to obstruct any progress of society by spreading, stories that are so untrue they’re practically fictional. There were stories written 50 years in the past that seem to warn people about how the concept of a moral compass is failing, because some people have forgotten the meaning of truth or they underestimate what could happen in the future. Here is a quote that I believe every person should know if they wish to overcome any obstacle that is thrown in their way by life or someone who has never overcome the obstacles that were set in their paths.

"If you don’t leave your past in the past, it will destroy your future. Live for what today has to offer, not what yesterday has taken away.” -Unknown Author