Why You should Love and Hate Netflix

It has been forever since I last watched cable T.V. Companies like Netflix and Hulu offer so much more. I personally love listening and watching comedy skits because I love a good laugh. I really like the fact that their humor is completely unique, and can only be accessed on their website or app. Another reason few reasons as to why you should all love, there are some shows and movies that are available to download and they keep all the season of T.V. episodes such as; Bones, Dr. House M.D, Family Guy and Criminal Minds. But with over 500 hours of these T.V shows availible to watch, it’s very easy to get drawn into a season,or seasons if you are like me, of your favorite show, but its all worth it if its the weekend and you don’t want to even think about work or classes. But this is all purely based on my opinion and experiences over the past 6 months of having Netflix.

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