Hidden Market-Marché des Enfants Rouges

A shortie.

Brit and I needed lunch on Saturday so instead of trying out some usual cuisine we thought Japanese. Brit has been to this place before but I haven’t. This is the definition of Parisian hidden passages. The market was tucked away in a corridor and once you turned in, it opened up to huge options. Apparently its the oldest covered market in Paris. They sold fresh fruits and veggies, meats and cheeses, and desserts. All different vendors for every trade. There were also specialty food vendors. Small little booths to cater to a food craving. Brit and I got bento boxes from the Japanese spot and it was not what I usually expect when ordering a bento box. I saw other peoples orders and next time I will choose wiser. It was still delicious none the less! I got steak teriyaki which came a sort of cutlet. It came with rice, kimchi, grilled veggies, and a sushi bit. What a great lunch! For dessert we went to a specialty pastry guy and got a homemade filo dough croissant filled with homemade nutella. ugh

I will be returning to try the burger booth, the Vietnamese sandwiches and the Lebanese falafel!

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