Travels: Lisbon ✨

It about time that I buckled down and caught up with these posts. At this point its been so long since this trip that the details are fuzzy. That’s probably the importance of keeping up with your blog posts!!

Well, to begin my family came to Paris for the week following my awesome week with my friend Jenna. Unfortunately unlike with her, I wasn’t able to spend too much time with them while they were here. In order to make up for it we took a weekend trip to Lisbon! As much as I would like to say it were spontaneous, my family’s plane had a stopover there and we were just taking advantage.

The flight between Orly and Lisbon is about an hour 45min so we arrived bright and early with a chance to explore the city. Since we only had Friday afternoon and Saturday to work with we chose to stay in our area for the evening and walk the whole city the following day. Our Airbnb that my mom found was incredible. Im taking style tips for how I will set up my new apartment in the fall.

We stayed in Biarro Alto which is “PARTY CENTRAL”. The city is situated super wierd. All the facades are brightly painted and give the illusion of being a bustling city. The reality of the matter is that looking into the windows you see that the buildings are completely abandoned. So in Biarro Alto the streets are small and grid-like coming off of the main streets where the trams run. These small streets are cobbled and are way too small for cars to get through. The city has taken the first 3 or 4 streets and redone them to be tourist jams; bars, restaurants, hostels. As a result in the evening the streets are packed with drunk kids trashing the streets and the mornings result as such^. I didn’t participate.

Near our place was a wonderful park spot with a great view. We spent some time here and I photographed. I’ve been loving using the Hasselblad.

© njkphotography - view from Biarro Alto to Alfama

The city is windy and we just continued up our street. We hit another park which also had a flea market and I loved discovering the palm trees that warm Lisbon held for me. The weather was so great while we were there!

© njkphotography

The evenings sunset was gorgeous and we headed to dinner in our area. We used the tourist guide book as a reference. I finally got the squid dish I had been dreaming of. Squid with potatos and bacon… mmm.

We woke Saturday and started out with a traditional Portuguese breakfast. I basically had a bavarian creme donut but this was the most incredible one I had ever eaten. The weather was warm and I didn’t have to wear a coat and that must be the best feeling.

Many tourists say that the way to see Lisbon is by taking the famous yellow tram.

© njkphotography

We chose to walk the tracks instead and hit all the must see spots on foot, not to mention excersising. Our days journey was a walk from Biarro Alto to Alfama. Alfama is the famous part of the city wear resides the castle and the art of singing Fado.

The walk up to Alfama didn’t take as long as we would’ve expected and it was quite enjoyable. The entirety of the way you have a beautiful view of the city. The people of Lisbon are friendly and passing by restaurants and stores you can hear music and see kind eyes. My favorite place was when we made it to the water.

© njkphotography

There is a plaza that is a block long and is vacant except for a statue in the middle. On a day like that one the sun was shining and the sky was so blue. We went to the water and it was so nice to step on sand and see ocean water. This was a strange jump in appreciation for me because I am still fairly caught up on missing the winter this year.

We continued up the mountain, passing through more markets. Cork is a very popular material that the Portuguese work with to make hats, bags, sunglasses cases, etc. I wish I had bought something.

At the top of the mountain I encountered an abandoned villa with a gorgeous fountain as well as orange trees and what a view.

When we got to the top of the mountain we got the view from the other side ( see first photo in post — view from Biarro Alto to Alfama).

View from Alfama to Biarro Alto
This woman saw me take her photo

Walking back to Biarro Alto was harder. It was late and we were hungry and tired looking for the best place to eat. The following day I would be separating from my family again until June when I would fly home. We found a huge flea market to walk through and we browsed trinkets as we walked through. I was more intrigued by the colors of the trees. Lisbon is in the full swing of spring already.

Dinner was great and Lisbon is super cheap. We got at least 10 plates of various tapas and came away with a fairly cheap bill for a group of 4 people. Cheaper than Paris for sure.

The next morning we packed up and headed out to the wrecked street of our area. The visit was great and I loved all the colors. I can’t wait to return here.

Until next time Lisboa.

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