About my fantasy of being a cat

and acting like a lion

I have a cat. He does all the things cats do: he sleeps a lot, he loves to hide, he sometimes has moments where he acts like he owns the place. In those moments you might think he’s a lion, the king of the jungle– if only there was a jungle to be king of. He lives in a 68 square meter apartment and he doesn’t care: he still acts like he’s a wild and powerful and dangerous creature.

I envy him many things. I seldom find myself observing him and thinking: I should be a cat: I love to sleep, I love to hide in places, I am an introvert, and above all I adore junk food: I am the perfect candidate to be a cat.

I could use more self-confidence, too: I’d love to feel like the king of the jungle just like he does (and who wouldn’t!). It’s just amazing how many things you can do when you feel confident about yourself – even things you didn’t know you could do, like hunting a bird, and (poor creature) killing it, even if you’ve never done such things in your life.

That’s why I thought: ok, let’s just pretend I’m a cat. Let’s start and do things I’ve never done, things I’m afraid of, things I somehow feel I know I can do. Let’s be a cat who thinks he’s a lion.

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