I deeply love autumn

because it’s the warmest time of the year

I grew up in the countryside, and as a kid I used to spend a huge amount of time outdoor — not doing any sports or anything, I was never one for action. I just used to chill out, observe nature in its many forms, sometimes staring at the sunset or talking to trees – I know, that sounds lonely, but I promise it wasn’t.

As a kid, I loved spring: I was born in April, so spring was definitely supposed to be my favourite time of the year — cake and presents, YAY! But now it’s Autumn that I love: Autumn is for harvesting, eating the most mature pears, for walking under a orangy-yellow light while breathing the sweetiest smells that the wind can carry. And you also get to wear sweaters, wrap yourself up in blankets, sip hot chocolate while watching a movie.

Autumn is the warmest time of the year.

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