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Build Your Support Group First, Before Building Your Audience

“If you build it, they will come”

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I’m super serious. You need to build your support group FIRST before you can build up your audience.

Let me explain:

As I’m taking my influencer journey as a Twitch streamer more seriously, the more I realized that I shouldn’t be worrying about my audience yet. It’s hard enough to convince strangers to come read your content or watch your live stream.

You’re literally sitting there asking yourself, “WHERE’S MY AUDIENCE?!”

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They’re not going to come to you, you gotta go out and bring them in. At least in the beginning.

What I realized is that I need to find the people who believe in my journey. The people that love my work. These people will continue to support me through and through. And you need to find these people too.

Then once you find these people, they are going to be your brand ambassadors. They will always suggest you first if someone asks, “Do you know anyone who knows about _____?”. And they will be the ones who will always stop and drop what they’re doing when you’re live or publish something new.

So how do you find these people in your support group?

Start with your personal friends, S/O, and family

You may not realize it but your own inner circle is where you need to begin. Your best friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, and your own family will be your number 1 fans. If they truly believe this is your passion, they will always bring it up and share it to others.

As lame as it sounds, let them be proud of your work and appreciate all the support that they give you. They voluntary put in their own time and effort to share your work.

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In some cases, they’re not always going to be 100% supportive. But as long they’re bringing you positive vibes, and not trying to bring you down, just keep on going.

Join a community group

The next circle you need to expand on is in community groups. There are thousands of community groups that you can join all over the internet. Facebook groups, MeetUps, Slack channels, Discord channels, and so much more. If you have a favorite topic that you’re passionate about, there are people out there who share the same interest as you.

Once in you’re in that group, introduce yourself and join in the conversations. Ask some questions. Bring up suggestions in the group that could help improve the community. The more you participate, the more you’ll get recognition within that group.

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Sooner or later, your fellow co-members will start to reach out to you for advice, your insight, or maybe want to collaborate with you. When that starts to happen, that’s when you know that you’re building your reputation and creating meaningful connections with other peers.

Attend networking events

Finally, try to attend as many events as possible. Like physically attending to these events.

Not only you can make connections online, meeting with other people IRL, can help deepen your local connections too. Meeting people face-to-face will solidify your presence which will give other people a good sense of who you are. Your online presence can be different from your IRL presence, so make sure that they match up to what you want to represent.

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After introducing yourself and getting to know one another, it’s possible that if they like your vibe, they will support you back. Exchange social accounts or emails, and follow-up after the event while it’s still fresh in your mind!

Voila! You got a support group!

As you build your support group, notice that your audience will slowly grow too. When you find other people who are on the same path as you, they will bring their audience to you as well because they trust you, as a friend and as a brand.

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Once you have built a network of friends, different colleagues in different fields, and more importantly a support group who believe in your projects and are willing to lend a hand, you’re on your way to building your audience to the public.

So don’t give up and start putting yourself out there!

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