Changing My 2018 Goals At Week 2

For good reason, trust me!

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It’s only been Week 1 of January 2018 and I’ve already “failed” my goals.


I have a good reason why I failed.

Because I didn’t consider all the other projects I’ve already committed before the end of 2017.

I have 8 publications/blogs/sites that I planned on contributing more frequently this year.


You’re either saying, “Jem, WhyTF did you do that yourself?” or “Oh, that’s it? That’s easy!” Depending on your current stage as a freelance writer.

But guys, I’m still new to the whole freelance writing thing. I can barely finish a 300–500 word article in less than an hour. (I have a bad habit of overthinking and researching too much, but I promise I’ll get better).

So here’s my updated plan:


  • Write at least 3 daily posts on Medium
  • Read 5–10 Medium articles
  • Comment at least 5 Medium articles


  • Submit my weekly contribution to
  • One featured post under the Medium Partnership Program or lock one of my daily posts
  • Write one #TwitchTip article under


  • Write one post under about my progress as a freelancer
  • Contribute one post to The Ascent
  • Contribute one post to Post-Grad Survival Guide
  • Pitch to at least 2 samples or ideas to major publications (Kotaku, IGN, Polygon, Forbes, Huffington Post)


(The Other section are publications where I don’t have an exact plan yet but will most likely be under the Monthly section once I get everything in order.)

I’m thinking of creating a monthly checklist to make sure that I’m on top of my contributions. Now that I have that in order, I feel more at ease. As long as I make my monthly contribution for each publication, then I’ve achieved my goals.

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