Don’t Ignore The Red Flags

Day 21: 100 Words For 30 Days

Welp, that emergency hair salon trip was somewhat worth it. After making it a big deal with my boyfriend, close friends and some co-workers, I’ve learned that the company was quite a scam.

How did I come to that conclusion? I’ve responded to the email confirmation for my interview as soon as I received. Then today, I received another email to remind me about the interview. The email sounded a bit automated just like the first one, but I didn’t think much about it. Finally, I think this was the kicker, I had received another reminder via text.

Getting a bit overeager much? So I had to look them up one last time. Luckily, they were on Glassdoor. Looking through it, all the positive reviews were very similar and even had the same headline. After skimming through all of that and found the negative reviews, that’s when I knew that this company wasn’t to be trusted.

After an hour of thinking of learning all this, I took the negative reviewers advice and decided not to waste my time through the process. So here I am enjoying a half-day from work!

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