I Tracked My Social Media Growth For Fun Which Became An Opportunity

I didn’t have a purpose at first, but now it opened up my eyes for something new

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Towards the end of August, I wanted to brush my new Excel skills that I learned. I needed to track something that contained numbers. So right there and then I decided that from October 2017 — December 2017, I should track my growth in all my social media platforms for gaming persona, Jempanada.

I thought it would be a fun little project and just see how many followers I’ve gained for a small period of time, so I made a Google Sheet.

My spreadsheet for Oct ’17 — Dec ‘17

I labeled the dates, the social platforms, created the formulas for each month, and even had a separate tab for a line graph.

Then every Friday, I would just enter the number of followers for that week for the next 3 months.

It took me a while to get it all set up, but I was pretty satisfied at how it looked. Now that the hard part was done, the easy part was just entering those numbers.

Seeing The Progression

Every Friday at noon, I would just quickly go look at my Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch channels to look at the numbers.

I had no set plan. I just posted whenever I posted. No scheduled posts.

Just a super casual project.

Each week, I got excited whenever I had increase of 5+ followers for any platform. Or got really disappointed when I didn’t gain new followers, or worse, they unfollowed me.

It became weird numbers game but then somewhere in mid-November, then it clicked.

This is part of analyzing data.

Marketers, correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s when I realized this is how you would gauge how much content you should be pushing out. The number of followers depends on the frequency and the type of content you share.

This is more than just a small project.

This is a learning experience on analytics and planning.

The End Result

When I finally inputted the numbers for the last week of 2017, I was happy. Happy that I completed a project. Happy that I made a stupid little project into something that was beneficial for me to learn how to “study” analytics.

I didn’t expect much from it, but this was a stepping stone to my journey as a marketer or at least to become an influencer.

Here’s what the outcome looks like after tracking this information:

13 weeks of inputting data
The Line Chart for Jempanada Social Media Growth

After looking at my data and the chart, here are my takeaways from analyzing and my thoughts on why rate was slow or fast:

  • Facebook barely had any growth. My Facebook page only consisted of reshares of articles, some of my blog posts, and memes.
  • Twitch has a slow growth only because I only streamed on a weekly basis. However, I frequently promoted my channel in the Facebook groups and was super active.
  • Twitter is primarily used as an outlet of my ranting and fangirling for games, TV, and movies. I did meet several other streamers and replied to them through the hashtag streams, but I only connected with 1 fellow streamer during this period.
  • Instagram is my fastest growing platform to gain followers. My trick for getting exposure is using hashtags, liking other peoples photos, and genuinely commenting on them. I found new people, which ended up having them following me and liking my photos.

With all this new information and observation, here is where I decided to stop spreading myself too thin and focus on just one platform, Instagram.

New Goal And Focus

After seeing that Instagram was my fastest growing platform, I decided to focus on my exposure and promotion through there. I think that since it’s such a visual platform and my audience are more visually-inclined than readers, then why not focus over there.

During my period of tracking, I also went through a test round of social media management tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and RecurPost.

Then I rediscovered, Later, an Instagram-focused management tool.

I opened an account earlier in 2017, but then quickly deleted it because I had no use for it at the time. But now that I’m refocusing my energy and planning my exposure through my Instagram, this was the best tool to help me through my campaigns.

My favorite is the PREVIEW feature which you can actually see how your photos will be displayed based on the timing of your scheduled posts. You can easily rearrange them and it will adjust accordingly.

via Later

I think my least favorite part of refocusing my energy to Instagram is now keeping a consistent theme and some photo editing. There’s hundreds of apps that allows you to touch-up, colorize, and a bunch of editing that I need to learn.

Not my favorite activity, but I will give it go to see if it really makes a difference.

Don’t Be Afraid To Test

If you’re just starting out a business, a brand, or testing the waters on social media, just do it.

Track something for 3 months like I did, whether it be followers, changing your tone, or a new style.

Make sure to document it.

Then analyze it.

Do you see the progression? Or some movement?

No matter how small or big it is, you can learn from it and appreciate that you’ve completed the project like I have.

Cheers for a new strategy and the growth I’ll see for 2018!

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