“Imagine You’re Late For Your Flight…”

There goes my plane…

“…no matter fast you’re trying to get to the airport, you’re not going to make it. So then what? Are you going to sit there in traffic and stress about the flight that you missed for the next 30 minutes? Or accept it’s out of your hands, take a breather, and think about the next steps?”

This was the advice I got from a brand new colleague I had just met yesterday. We’re on our way to a meeting to New Jersey, and I explained my current situation. Her analogy on how I should be taking it, was like a breath of fresh air, and it was something that I needed to hear.

After explaining that I’m the type of person to get overly stressed and emotionally about these big changes, she gave me that airport analogy and I truly had a moment to step back. With what’s going on in the company, it’s out of my hands, but at least I know what is my game plan.

I’m taking a breather, and slowing down. I won’t know my official game plan until this Wednesday, 5/3. The next three days, I’m just going to to relax and do my best to not stress about any of the things that might happened.