So I’m Finally Learning How To Code Ruby

It’s all about learning Ruby, yo!

Took me long enough. I’ve been bouncing around with different things around and hobbies that’s it’s so hard to keep up with everything at the same time.

However, I feel like that I’ve been getting the hang of things at work. My responsibilities are now finally becoming a normalized thing after 2 months, now entering 3 months. I’ve been heavily focused on streaming on Twitch, which I enjoy involving myself with other who like gaming and just interacting with other people, and getting into my habit of learning Japanese through Duolingo, and finally, getting myself more involved with real coding work.

Coding has always been a thing that I’ve always wanted to get into but I could never really find myself to keep pushing harder. Now that my Tech team and I are really pushing ourselves to really understand this confangled language and prove to our higher ups that we are capable of making this happen.

I’m using Zed Shaw’s Learn Ruby The Hard Way textbook as my guide and then also using Codecademy to practice on it as well. My small 3 team takes an hour a day to really get into and despite my push in becoming a streamer is there, I do also want the ability to code and that skill into my resume.

Cheers for the hopes a dreams. I hope that I’ll achieve my goals by the end of 2017.