What I Did To Get Over My Burnt Out Feeling

Feeling burnt out, well, it sucks. And this happens to me every so often. More than I would like but I get fired up into a project to the point where I overwhelm myself with all my ideas that I just simply just stop. It just halts. Which is not good in getting things accomplished.

It’s really bad habit of mine. But it’s the mentality that I need to change. Here are just a few strategies to keep myself into place when working on my projects.

Make A List

This is one way how I am trying to combat this overwhelming and burnt out feeling. Just writing down all the things that I want to accomplish and go look at each task one by one.

I want to get everything done before the summer ends. But in reality, I need to keep myself in check that everything takes time. So marking what is easiest to accomplish and also the timeline on how long it will take to complete will keep me on track.

Momentum Chrome app

The Momentum Chrome app was introduced to me by my first manager working at my current company. I was very enamored when she opened new tab, it had a very beautiful wide-shot view of a landscape. Over time, I learned that it provides a brand new scenery to view plus you can see the entire list of things that you want to accomplish until you check it off.

It gives me that calming overview and it actually gives me a moment to just look at the photo as if I’m there. It’s actually feels meditative. If you love using Chrome and you need something different but clean, then the Momentum Chrome app is for you.

Try it yourself and download it to your Chrome browser and see how it works for you!

Getting It Done

The final thing that keeps me on track with things is making actually setting a deadline in my calendar. Whether you use a physical one or the one in your phone, setting that deadline with alarms helps kicks in that reminder that I need to get it done.

Though I do have a bad habit in ignoring it, I have to change my mentality that this is a job. And if I don’t get it done on time, then I won’t get that bonus that I was aiming for.

Example: if I don’t get at least 1 article done this week, then I won’t buy that cute top from Forever 21.


Everything that I have mentioned, I do need some accountability. I suck at disciplining myself and I do need some help from my friends or my boyfriend to make sure that I am doing the things that I want to do. I hate asking for help, but sometimes you just need that push or slap in the face to shock you and get you going.

I hope helps for some of you and let me know if you have other ways to help keep track on your goals.

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