Why I Unfollowed A Bunch of Facebook Groups

Because I needed to do it

Photo by Nathan Roser on Unsplash

It was early 2016 where I had rediscovered Facebook groups.

At least, public Facebook groups.

It was a way for me to crowd source all the information I needed to know about certain topics. And it snowballed into a Facebook group frenzy.

My first group was for female travelers.

Then an Olympic prep group.

Then one for Twitch streamers. Freelance writers. Social media managers. My favorite video game.

I couldn’t stop joining all of these groups.

But now it got to the point where I overloaded myself with too much information. Some threads were useful where I gained new skills and discovered new tools. While others became toxic because, well, it’s the internet. No one is safe from an opposing opinion or negative comments.

I needed to remove all the noise. All the messiness that took up my feed.

Joining these groups helped me a lot in my journey of self-teaching and discovery. However, I think now’s the time for me to gather up all the knowledge and start applying it to my work.

From SEO. Freelance writing. Building a website. How to market myself. Social media tools. And building a community.

2017 was a great year for me to outreach to a bunch of strangers’ and taking their advice.

Now, this is the year where I need to focus on myself. To learn by trial and error. No more fear. No more asking if I’m doing it right or wrong.

Just. Do. The. Work.

These Facebook groups were holding me back from progressing. I was relying on them too much for assurance and sometimes reading other people’s success frustrated me.

But I can only blame myself because I’m too busy learning and not putting enough action.

2018 is the year of Growth.

No more learning.

So farewell and thank you, Facebook groups.

It’s time for Doing.

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