Open Letter to Jon Lansman and the Momentum Steering Committee
Joan Walton

Are you truly suggesting that the problems of the Labour Movnt, the UK, the idea and problems of democracy (representative democracy) can be solved by facilitating a Kolb Cycle? This strikes me as simplistic in the extreme.

An essential problem with Momentum, Corbyn and those around him, is that their ideas about democracy in the UK are ahistorical and fundamentally anti-democratic. They in effect seek to create an extra-parliamentary social movement, in which (presumably), decisions would be taken in a delegated way (and bty I also assume only as long as those decisions are aligned with the ‘the leadership’s views). Britain has for long evolved a representative democracy – not perfect and very troubled at the moment. Nevertheless I’d trust representative democracy far more to represent me, my family and my communities of interest than a OMOV caucus (which mirrors a capitalist shareholder system). Far better to think about a democratic stakeholder system which better acknowledges and incorporates ‘collective’ voices – for example the role of the unions in choosing candidates etc.- and which also stays true to democratic tradition and thinking in the UK. Momentum in this sense is but one stakeholder – a small and interesting one – but then (I again assume), without British Parliamentary traditions one which would have no voice if it were truly ‘outside’ the system it seeks to undermine.

You will of course gather that I am not fond of the present Labour Party leadership. Naive, simplistic, increasingly irrelevant ……… and playing with fire.

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