On white feelings, jokes, and when white people just don’t get it (which is too often)
Ruchika G

Chip on your shoulder or what! Loved the projection though – it turns out that ‘me, me, me’ is all about ‘you, you, you’ (or visa versa?) Also loved the stereotyping, assumptions and bias (ALL white folks/ALL black folks think/act/behave like ……etc). Really admired the doublethink and double talk – makes Orwell’s 1984 look amateurish (racism is not racism; anti-racism is evidence of racism; you can’t possibly know what I think/experience because you’re not [insert your niche here], but I can comment on your experience because I’m [insert your gender/race/faith/ethnicity/sexuality here]; jokes aren’t jokes, jokes are jokes, good jokes are bad jokes and the opposite and so on … & on …. & on). Additionally – found the inevitable smug ‘I know everything because I’m [insert your race/creed/prejudice’ – you’ve got it by now surely?! – here] stuff really refreshing, optimistic and progressive (and so helpful for constructive thinking about serious issues – thank you!). Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed the incisive analysis of ‘space’ – I shall certainly stop whinging about ‘our’ society now I know I’m [insert your ‘thing’ here – actually, don’t bother because whatever your ‘thing’ is, you will be wrong. I know this because Ruchika G’s experience is mine, or is it yours. Or yours. Or his/hers/theirs].

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