What I do mind is that I constantly feel that I have to prove myself in front of my other developer colleagues, the project managers or investors - that I actually am good at what I do!
Yes, I’m actually good!

Good read, but (sorry to be a ‘but-head’!), I’m sure the same point could be made by almost any person, in any job (whether competitive or not). There is no point (or rather they are extremely rare) when any of us, stop feeling like we ‘have to prove [ourselves] in front of [colleagues etc]’. I’m sure you’re good at what at you do (me too, actually), but surely you wouldn’t that to be taken purely on trust, or purely because you happen to be a woman/man/black/white …………. The point at which we value someone on the basis of their biological attributes is the point at which we will have lost the argument. You stated this rather well I thought – in the end

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