I grew up in Africa. Don’t be sorry for me.
Naofal Ali

I don’t feel sorry for you. But the volume and pace of emigration from many African countries (which I’m ‘fine’ about); the persistency of avoidable famine(s) and benchmark poverty across the continent; the continuing purchase of traditional responses to malaria, HIV, & other (now) treatable/preventable epidemics; the fusion of traditional and evangelical practices which creates toxic conditions for children in some parts of Africa – imported to ‘the west’ by some communities; a continued apparent dependence on so-called ‘developed’ countries - and a whole lot more …… suggests the piece is somewhat over-optimistic. The fact that some similar problems exist elsewhere doesn’t detract from the rather depressing sense of Africa as a continent which needs to reflect on its place in the world (as the west ironically is currently having to do!), and avoid both patronising self-deprecation and the complacency exhibited in the post.

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