Easily-Triggered Privileged People Have Turned Society Into Their Own Giant Safe Space
Na'amen Gobert Tilahun

I’m sorry – but this post is misconceived, ahistorical nonsense which makes insupportable assumptions and ‘claims’ too broad to be of any analytic use, or indeed of any use at all.

Critical thinking should suggest to anyone that ‘safe spaces’, ‘trigger warnings’ and the like are dangerous indicators of utter failure to engage with the world. They make the internal feelings of individuals the centre of the world, emphasising and reinforcing ‘me’ over and above everyone and everything else. This is selfish, self-defeating narcissism which needs to be taken-on before we create a society which becomes so scared of ‘others’ (privilege or no) we are unable to reach beyond the cocoons we have created. That is Illiberal drivel. My ‘right’ to place myself at the centre of the world ‘Trumps’ – and I invalidate everyone else’s feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

Don’t respond – I won’t let you, I won’t hear you and I’ll deny you a platform. Why? …... because clearly my feelings are more important than you.

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