I’d point you to…
Roger C.

I’ve read virtually all your (Medium) posts re Labour/Brexit/Corbyn and agree with (or concur) with much of what you say. I also revisited the posts you kindly pointed me to. What’s striking is that they seem as blinkered by Corbyn’s ‘leadership’ as I feel disaffected from it. Clearly – as you say – you disagree with/don’t like the ‘product of my view’; I suggest that your own arguments inevitably lead to Tory rule for the foreseeable future, and more, they point the way to the break-up of the Labour Party altogether. A telling comment in one of the posts you pointed me to (sorry – my screen doesn’t allow me to have it in front of me) is ‘[I] doubt if a sun set on Labour’s leadership before Corbyn’s leadership was being undermined’; well, I suggest that his leadership (and other) qualities were being questioned way before he became leader. Everyone knew he was a very risky choice (for better or worse) as leader. His election guaranteed an inquisition in which he has failed and continues to fail, virtually every test of leadership. I don’t blame the Tories for that (there’s plenty to blame them for). I hold those with a blinkered, unhealthy, cultist set of ‘beliefs’ in the supposed goodness and ‘honesty’ of the ‘leader’ despite plenty of evidence to suggest he’s neither a leader nor ‘honest’ (I find him misogynistic, dishonest and cliquey) as responsible for what will inevitably be the break-up of the Labour Party.

As for ‘alternative narratives’! What alternative narrative? Come back Ed Milliband – same narrative. Didn’t work then and won’t work now.

As for the alternative? I have no answers. I think we work them out partly via discussions and ideas (hopefully like this). What I’m utterly convinced of is that the ‘answer’ is not Corbyn (or the clique he’s surrounded himself with) anymore than Trump or Le Pen are the answers elsewhere! The truth (for me) is that whilst Corbyn and his ilk are around Labour is irrelevant. That’s left me politically homeless. I certainly won’t vote for Labour under Corbyn even holding my nose. Get rid of him, or risk irrelevance and ultimate break-up of Labour.

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