The Toxic Myth Destroying Labour
Mark Worgan

Thank you so much for this. It says exactly how I and many others feel about the current state of the left generally and the Labour Party in particular. I find myself in a position where the party I was once an activist in (70's/80's) no longer talks to me in a voice or in a manner that I understand or find appealing. It lies, displays the vilest of misogynistic and anti-Semitic behaviour and yet hypocritically hides behind an identity politics which denies politics at all. There is (thank goodness!) no ‘welcoming home’ for the likes of me, my family, friends, work colleagues or communities of interest. I therefore find myself politically homeless.

It also a deep concern that Corby himself attracts such blinkered cult worship – deeply worrying in any setting, never mind in a political party. I have (quite seriously) worried about the mental health of some of those who support him – those who see me and anyone like me as part of a gigantic conspiracy against them. This strikes me as paranoia.

Along with ineptitude, naivety, lies, unprofessionalism, anti-intellectualism, Corby’s own narcissistic personality – he clearly loves gazing at himself at rallies – it seems to me that the Labour Party is now an irrelevance.

Let it be so then – because the quicker it splits, the quicker we can get on with realigning and building a proper opposition to the apparently single party state we have now been landed with.

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