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Naofal Ali

Thanks for responding to the response! Just to say – I know a bit of Africa quite well (which is to say I know Zambia & Nigeria and have spent considerable time in both countries), but I could ask you much the same – how well do you know countries other than Benin?

I hear what you say and (in essence) agree with you. My point is rather that you are in as much danger of painting an unbalanced picture of Africa (or are you talking about a single country??) by emphasising its ‘sociability’ and painting out its problems, as those who seek to only portray Africa as some sort of continent of misery. Self-evidently, neither approaches the truth.

And I’d be interested to know where your figures for suicide emanate from please! I’m not sure they’re accurate or (if so) would provide a reasonable comparison on which any conclusions could be drawn.

All the best!

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