Its called some garbarge “I” usd to believe.
Dallas Aranjo

This is a post which places Mr Nightingale at the centre of the world. Therefore what he feels and thinks (clearly he was a sexist, racist homophobe) is either projected on to every other ‘white male’ (“the only group to whom he can legitimately speak”) or ‘we’ must somehow feel and behave as he does. Nice excuse then when that doesn’t happen – “it’s [too] hard work” and further evidence of ‘our’ terrible white male egos. I’m not clear to whom Mr Nightingale ‘legitimately’ speaks – but it’s not to me! Indeed by his own argument he can’t possible speak to or for me because he can’t share ‘my’ experience, and hence can’t comment on it (or even be ‘curious’ about it in case I five him a ‘free education’). This is ridiculous, insular nonsense. It means that everything centres on how Mr Nightingale feels and experiences himself (which will always require work – the ‘self’ becomes the project) and NOTHING to do with ‘the other’.

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