Insurgency: Not just a word

“This insurgency must stop” cried the woman who had her two daughters raped and sons killed, she couldn't deal with it any more and was literally going insane.

As Mallama Amina narrated the story to the security officers, she couldn't help but shed bitter tears, flash back of how she saw those in-humane people called Boko Haram on her two daughters and how they shot her three sons gave her cold shivers. According to Amina a widow, she said it all started with a few gun shot which sounded distant on that fateful day, people around her area didn't seem anxious or took to their feet but stayed somewhat calm and went about their businesses. Amina and her children didn't bother to find out what was going on until the gun shot became more intense and sounded louder, all should could remember next was how everybody took to their heels, chaos was every where, fathers running, mothers collecting their kids and shedding tears.

They are here cried the youths in the area. Mallama Amina and her children were not left out, they ran and got tired and so they decided to settle in an uncompleted building while the Boko Hara people kept bombing and burning everywhere and killed anyone they encountered. It got to the point where the uncompleted building was to be burnt next when they decided to check what’s in there, lo and behold Amina and her children cried and shouted for help but to no avail “ Those evil beast raped my daughters and shot my three sons right before my eyes” shouted Amina as she crumble to the floor.

Insurgency is not just a word, it encompasses many untold stories, broken hearts, lost minds, broken homes, terrible and hurtful experiences. This must and will end. support and encourage peaceful co-existence, say no to violent extremism.

#CVE #NotAnotherNigerian

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