Moving on…

Change is a fundamental characteristic of life. We change,and definitely situations change too. Life keeps moving. Nature is not static. The weather shows it all. The climate says it all. Nature revolves around seasons. The seasons have their time duration. They do not last forever. And each season is unique. Because it brings along with itself what the other seasons do not bring.

As much as i love my friendships to last,i also have come to the realization that everything is for a season. A friendship could be for a season. If the friendship is for my lifetime,then it is one heaven of a friendship. If it is for a short period in my long periods of life,it is also one heaven of a friendship.

Each season of friendship comes with new experiences,changes,lessons,knowledge,wisdom,challenges,victories e.t.c. Each season of friendship prepares you for the next one. How? You ask. The mistakes you made,the experiences you had,the challenges you overcame,the victories you celebrated,they help you to modify the next season of friendship.

Admit it. The set of friends you had last two years,might not still be the same set you have now. And the principles you applied then might not be what you apply now.

People have different assignments. No matter how you want to look at it,their assignments are manifested in their relationships. With or without their knowledge. The sooner you recognize the assignment behind the relationship,the sooner you learn. Learn how to give your best,accept their best and discard the trash.

Some friendships could be likened to the “Good Samaritans” whose assignment is to help. Some likened to the “Teacher” whose assignment is to impact knowledge. Some likened to the “Chef” whose assignment is to cook you. Some likened to the “Potter” whose assignment is to mould you. Others likened to an “Engineer” whose assignment might be to assemble you or fix you. Some friendships might not have palatable assignments. That is okay. It would still be a learning experience.

As you mature,your needs change. Your perception of the world changes. Your knowledge widens. And you realize you need more. If you stay with some sets of friends,you might not be able to achieve more. I read a quote some time ago and it says

“you are not growing up if you are not losing friends”

Sometimes,to achieve more,you have to let go of things and relationships. On the long run,some things become weight and choke growth.

The changes might not be effected by you. It might be by the other party or by circumstances. There may be a sudden or gradual realization. Their work in your life is done;they need to move on. The medium by which we move on could be what leaves us in disarray. A quarrel,a fight,a gradual withdrawal,a sudden withdrawal. However the medium,anger should not be our response. We might be hurt. But the best thing is to focus on the positives of friendship during the season it lasted. The opportunities,fun,happiness,lessons,revelations should be focused on.

Seasonal friendships are okay. There is nothing wrong with you. Change is what happens to you. One thing you need to do for the friendship to be good while it runs its course, is to change your mindset. Have the mindset to add value in anyway you can while you still have the chance. Sooner or later,you will be a memory to someone. Try to be the best memory you can. Because most times,the season does not occur twice.

When it gets to that time to change seasons with friends,it is okay. It is okay to say

“It beautiful and nice to be friends with you. You have taught me lots of things and blessed me in so many ways. I hope the same applies to you. I realise it is time to move forward and i accept the change. I decide to keep you in my heart and cherish the time we had together. It is sad. But we have to say our goodbyes. I also realise we were friends for a season and am so happy i got to share this season with you”.