No tree came about by magic. They were first seeds, planted and nurtured by nature or someone, and then they grew to become trees. It is important to note a lot was done for the seed to attain full maturity of becoming a tree.

So also real estate investment can be likened to a seed. You need to plant, nurture the seed-giving attention and care-and also do the needful to achieve a full maturity of profits.

Huge profits many rake in from real estate did not just happen. It started small, as small as a seed. And as a result of the roles played by nature and nurture, it has become what it is today; a booming investment likened to a yielding tree.

So today, I implore you to see every investment in real estate as a seed. Plant the money, time and energy in that real estate opportunity today. No matter the stress a seed goes through, it is all part of the process of becoming a yielding tree. Remember, the seed must die before it can become a yielding tree because in its death lies the potential to blossom. By investing, you have given for a greater gain, ignoring the immediate comforts for the future comforts, in a way dying in order to blossom. After all these processes, not only does it become a tree and produce fruits, it gives hundreds or thousands of seeds with potentials of becoming yielding trees.

Now, if you will have a single tree or thousands of trees spread across a wide geographical area is determined by you. Yes, you. This is where I talk about spreading your seeds/investments. Do not restrict your seeds to one location, spread your seeds wide. You have no idea which soil will accelerate the growth and productivity of your seeds. Never think a soil or location is the best and restrict your seed(s) there. Tomorrow, that soil or location you thought high or low of could change.

Be like nature when it comes to your seed (real estate investment) planting. Explosively disperse them and prepare to reap the harvests. Be reminded, seeds are the links between the past and the future. Your investment –being a seed in real estate- is the link between your today and your tomorrow. If I were you, having the smallest resource, I might as well start planting now.