To round off London Coffee Festival, Jemjar thought it’d treat caffeine-crashed coffee shop owners and baristas to a few cocktails. And give them a sneak preview of the app a couple of weeks early…

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Thirsty Work: Jemjar held an ‘Unofficial Closing Party’ for London Coffee Festival goers

The thing about coffee is that, well, it’s not particularly conducive to relaxation.

After four days shuffling up and down the three jam-packed floors at The Old Truman Brewery, sampling the good grinds and absorbing aromas, we figured baristas of all persuasions might be ready to kickback with few free cocktails and some canapes.

And whilst they were there, we could always, you know, give them a sneak preview of the Jemjar app before it goes…

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You may be familiar with the concept of ‘the blockchain’. You might even have dabbled with cryptocurrency when you heard all the fuss about Bitcoin (and no they’re not quite the same thing — technically…).

While there’s lots of noise, hype, and speculation out there, one thing’s for certain –

blockchain technology will disrupt retail as we know it: on- and offline.

But the most immediate impact we’re seeing is on customer acquisition, loyalty, and rewards.

We’re not just talking about big chain stores with the means to rollout new initiatives. …

We doff our caps to you, o independent business owner.

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Companies like yours are the backbone of local industry: which can be a tough gig in an environment flooded with franchises. You differentiate your business through quality, service, and expertise.

But high street chains are everywhere. Anywhere you’re not. Say, you’re a coffee shop owner: your customers might be jonesing for a jolt of your house blend when they’re the other side of town, but in the absence of a known alternative, they’ll stray into the nearest franchise for a quick hit of caffeine-infused froth.

Chains rely on familiarity. And they have the cash to mass market and offer customer rewards — to keep people coming back time and again. …