Run A Small Retail Business? Crack Open A Jemjar!

We doff our caps to you, o independent business owner.

Companies like yours are the backbone of local industry: which can be a tough gig in an environment flooded with franchises. You differentiate your business through quality, service, and expertise.

But high street chains are everywhere. Anywhere you’re not. Say, you’re a coffee shop owner: your customers might be jonesing for a jolt of your house blend when they’re the other side of town, but in the absence of a known alternative, they’ll stray into the nearest franchise for a quick hit of caffeine-infused froth.

Chains rely on familiarity. And they have the cash to mass market and offer customer rewards — to keep people coming back time and again.

But what if you were to join forces with other local businesses; jointly incentivising customers to ‘buy local’ — offering them rewards that no chain has adopted yet?

Welcome to Jemjar!

We’ve built a user-friendly app that allows you to offer rewards — called ‘Jems’ — to your customers. Essentially it’s a mobile-first reward scheme — with an added twist of innovation…

Jems are crypto-rewards.

As a merchant, you can reward customers with Jems for, well, doing pretty much anything that’s useful to you and your business, including:

  • Bringing in new customers — friends, colleagues, and family members
  • Carrying out a series of promotion-related activities — what we call ‘Missions’ — like posting about you on Instagram, tagging you on Facebook, or retweeting your daily specials.
  • Simply being a regular customer who deserves a few Jems for coming in every weekday at 8:30 am without fail, for a flat white.

And because Jemjar’s reward system is built on the Ethereum blockchain, Jems have an ETH (Ether) value. This means they can be securely and easily accessed, transferred, and spent via our mobile app. They can even be swapped for cold, hard cash.

But why crypto-rewards?

Ultimately, we want to give independent businesses an early mover advantage. But using crypto and blockchain technology also offers a host of other benefits — including the transfer of value between you, your customers, and (eventually) other independent businesses in a single secure digital environment, that can be easily accessed with a single smartphone swipe.

We’re backing independent businesses all the way. Our aim is to help you take on the big guys, grow your customer base, reward your supporters, and join forces with other independent retail businesses.

We’re excited by the possibilities. And now we have your attention, perhaps you will be too?

It all starts here.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Curious about Jemjar? Come and take a closer look! Email for a demonstration of how our tech works. And be sure to check out our website. We’re social creatures too! Find (and follow) us on Facebook and Twitter.