Bankly — finance at your fingertips

A conceptual look at mobile banking for millenials


Bankly is a progressive digital banking experience that focuses less on traditional branch services and more on convenience, security and ease of access.

Target Market


  • Millennials are helping to drive increasing demand for mobile banking tools, including apps and new features that improve products and services that already exist.
  • Over half of millennials have an Apple smartphone, and the sheer volume of mobile banking app downloads in 2017 shows the growing popularity


I carried out secondary research to help me define what people want from digital banking:


  • Transparency, honesty and security
  • No fees
  • View payment history easily & ability to pay bills by simply taking a photo
  • Convenient and customised personally to their needs
  • No limits on deposits
  • More financial advice & empowerment over money
  • Online/mobile availability & hassle free
  • View payment history easily

Watching online videos also helped with my research. Interesting things people mentioned were:

According to a study carried out by CCG Catalyst:

The Financial Brand, carried out a study to see how people went about banking, here was their findings:


After carrying out my research I feel that Bankly is best suited to an iOS Mobile app.

Feature List

  • Multi-factor authentication with Touch ID or Face ID
  • External debit/credit card services
  • Apple Pay/Stripe/Paypal integrated
  • Integrated with Intercom for support
  • Pay bills via photograph
  • Instant spending notifications
  • Budgeting tool and spending insights
  • Lock/Unlock card instantly
  • Fast payments
  • Facebook sign-up
  • Overdraft
  • Savings account
  • 24/7 customer support via Intercom

User Persona

Becca is 25 years old and lives in London. She avoids the bank at any cost and carries around minimal amounts of cash. She keeps track of all her payments and finance online. She thinks about investing in her uncertain financial future.

User Flow

Basic user flow for Bankly


Paper sketches
Digital Wireframes

Bankly Interface

Home Screen/Dashboard
Card & Add Money Screens
Payment Screens
Bill Pay Screen
Spending/Budget Screen
Account Screen


InVision prototype can also be accessed at this link if you would like to try it.

Prototyping with Craft by Invision

To Conclude..

Overall it is clear that having a fully digital bank has many benefits over the more traditional way of banking.

I feel that bankly meets the needs of the proposed user and is a simple and effective way to manage your finances from your mobile.

To expand the product I could add further platforms and devices such as: Web, Android, Apple Watch and Alexa. 
 I would also add savings/investment features to the app, along with robo advisory to help people get the most from their finances.