A Story for the New Generation

I think that when it comes to how stories are portrayed to millennials there is a sense that everything needs to happen quickly or we will lose interest. This comes from the rise of technology in our generation which in turn brought a sense of immediacy in society. Everything can be accessed at our fingertips which has led to overall shorter attention spans. I also think we expect a more inclusive concept. By this I mean that instead of an all white cast with one “token” minority instead there would be a wider variety of ethnicities and even sexualities within stories.

One of my favorite stories of all time would have to be the movie Zoolander. Although it might not be the most thought provoking movie, if you pay attention it does actually hit every point in the storytelling arc. It holds a very consistent plot throughout the whole film and provides the audience with a cohesive beginning, middle, and end while not sacrificing any comedy.

For me personally I think stories appeal to me according to my personality. There is no specific kind of story I find especially attractive over any other. Though I find a lot of things such as Hollywood films have become very repetitive, lately it seems as though they have started recycling the same stories they already know to be successful. To catch my attention in a story it needs to be original along with well-paced. Maybe the fact that I have a hard time with slow stories is due to growing up in this generation, though I don’t find myself to have a short attention span I can see how it has affected my want of things to get to the point. With all these things considered, I don’t find millennials to need a story that much different than any other generation.

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