The ecofriendly Kia

This ad shows Melissa McCarthy driving in her car when she gets a call saying the whales need her help and as she’s helping them a whale jumps out of the water lands on her boat and flips her out of it as she slams into a bigger boat. As the commercial continues the scenario basically repeats itself where she goes to help the environment and ends up getting herself into a sticky situation in the process. The ads target audience is for people who are ecofriendly and conscious of the environment. The commercial portrays a very lighthearted tone, it’s obvious this is meant to be humorous.

The company in the ad is identified in the second scene when she’s back in the car after saving the whales and the camera pans over the Kia logo on the car. I find that the ad does tell a story, it portrays Melissa McCarthy who is obviously trying to help the environment with all these expeditions she goes on. First, she tries to save the whales, then the trees, then she goes to the glaciers, and finally she goes to help the rhinos. At the end of the commercial after she’s been thrown around and beaten up the narrator says it’s hard to be an eco warrior so you can just do your part by driving this eco friendly car.

In Keith Quensenberry’s Model it shows that a successful ad will have an inciting moment, rising action, turning point, falling action, and finally a moment of release. Looking at this commercial I think it does follow his model, throughout the commercial you can see the main objective of the story, the problem within it, and the conclusion with a solution which all in all makes a complete story. The commercial I’ve chosen to compare it to is one from last year’s superbowl with Pierce Brosnan advertising the Kia Sorento. This ad depicts his “perfect getaway” since he is an action star, except in this instance absolutely nothing action happens, it’s just him calmly driving away in the Sorento. I find that my commercial is better because it actually has a story line with a beginning middle and end, where as this one is just a short little scene with no substance to it. Although they are both humorous the one for the eco Kia is better because you feel as though you saw the story playout versus just watching a short scene.



Sorento 2016 commerical:

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