How to Ace Your Interview and Land a Graduate Job

Students are constantly told how competitive the job market is and how difficult it is to get a job — but what if you know how to stand out? These tips and tricks will help you impress your interviewer and successfully find a job after finishing university or TAFE.

Perfect your resume
It goes without saying that a resume is one of the most important aspects of the hiring process — it allows your future employer to get a glimpse into who you are, your qualifications, skills and experience. Learning how to develop a clear, concise and impressive resume will fast track your application and ensure you reach the interview stage.

Don’t forget a cover letter
Like a resume, a cover letter is essential for any job application. While a resume is presented in a simple, easy-to-read format, a cover letter is a more detailed insight into your personality, passions and experience. It allows you to explain the contents of your resume in more detail and show the interviewer how hard working, creative and motivated you are.

Dress to impress
It is commonly known that many interviewers will decide within the first thirty seconds of meeting you whether or not they will hire you. If you want to be considered for the position, you should dress the part. If it’s a corporate job, stick to traditional black/grey/white attire like a suit. If you’re female you have more options — perhaps have an open neck top to suggest openness, or a flowy top under a blazer to imply you aren’t too ‘stiff’. Alternatively, for a creative job you can use more colour and accessories. Stick to one standout piece, like a bag or necklace. If it’s interesting or unusual, it will show that you are creative and know how to stand out — which can an excellent trait to have in marketing, advertising or design. The most important tip? Make sure everything fits — undersized or oversized clothing never looks good in an interview.

Use your body language
The first thing you should do when entering a room with your interviewer is flash them a smile. A friendly face always leaves a good impression! Ensure you have good posture and don’t use body language that may make it seem like you’re grumpy, awkward or nervous — like having your arms crossed.

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