Change is inevitable. And so is growth. With the increasing levels of innovation, waking up with new technology and way of doing things has been the norm recently. This has impacted adversely the hospitality industry which is becoming a great challenge. What happens when you do not move with the pace? Your hotel is likely to start experiencing losses. Most visitors will prefer booking hotels with the latest technology. Don’t be left out. Every hotelier needs to keep their eyes open on the emerging trends. This will prevent you from disappointing your visitors and sinking behind your competitors.

Here are some trends that cannot be overlooked.

1. Increase in International Visitors

Tourism has been embraced worldwide, and international visitors are flocking to your hotels in seek of accommodation and food. Every visitor needs some special and unique needs. Is your hotel able to fulfill all your customers’ unique interests and expectations? Hotels, therefore, must be in a position to provide services in multilingual languages. This means employing more staff who understands different languages to prevent the language barrier.

2. The Use of Seamless Technology

Change in technology has been the most significant impact on the hotel industry. It has led to the industry changing at an unprecedented pace. With the world moving fast, everything is smart nowadays, and visitors want fast services. Time-consuming procedures such as check-ins and outs are now done using a smartphone. This has led to hotels creating smartphone apps that have fastened the registering process. The smartphones are also used as the room key where the visitor can go straight to their hotel room directly from the airport.

3. Attention on Health and Well-being Offerings

Health and wellness in hospitality industries cannot be termed as a trend, but it has increased its emphasis on recent years. Visitors are concerned about their health, and they will definitely prefer a hotel with rejuvenating amenities. Many guests are looking for innovative wellness options as they choose their hotels. This will help them to stay healthy and maintain their active lifestyle on the road. Equipping your hotel with high-class spa facilities, yoga spaces, pools, healthy food options, fitness centers, and in-room exercise equipment is a great way to win guests at your hotel.

4. Increased Adoption of Green Practice and Sustainability

There is an increase in many guests who are concerned about the environment. Many guests prefer an Eco-friendly environment that uses organic products. How Eco-friendly is your hotel? Some hotels are using solar powered electricity for lighting up the rooms and pool waters. Do you reduce water and energy consumption? How much do you recycle? As climate change continues making headlines, sustainability has become increasingly important in the hospitality industry.

5. Websites and Social Media Reviews

The internet and social media have changed the hospitality industry. Guests can now share their experiences and other information about a hotel with their friends. Social media allows people to rate hotels and the reviews are posted online where they are visible for everybody. Customers will first read the reviews of a particular hotel before they make reservations. Reviews have created a competitive market in the hotel industry. It is therefore essential that your hotel meets and exceeds customers’ expectations to get good reviews.

6. Increase in Guest Activities

Apart from providing food and accommodation, many hotels are now offering many guest activities all in the name of maximizing their profits and increasing the guest’s experience. Such activities include some sports activities like ice skating, bike rentals, horse riding, and many others. Hoteliers are grabbing these ancillary services to capture guest’s attention and lighten-up the guest’s experience. Guests are looking for fun places and making your hotel a fun place is a win-win.

7. Digital Currency

The use of digital currencies such as bitcoins and crypto currencies is increasing day by day. Though the fate of these digital currencies is still not clear, some hoteliers already have payment processors that accept bitcoins.

8. E-concierge and Robots

It is in no doubt that many travelers prefer technology to human beings. Hotels used to have welcome binders to show clients where to eat, what to see and do in the area and generally everything the guest needs to know. Today many hotels have replaced them with AI-powered apps and technology. Guests can access the information they need anytime right from their mobile phones. Visitors have access to voice-activated chat box where they can order breakfast, set alarms and make reservation changes without talking to a human being. The use of robots is becoming common in the hotel industry. Robots reduce time-consuming tasks and are readily available for the guests.

With the many trends in the hospitality industry, the only way to shine in the industry is to continue investing in the latest technology. This will enhance the guest’s experience, satisfy their expectations and attract new ones.

I’m a travel aficionado with a degree in Eco-tourism and Hospitality Management who enjoys writing anything related to the travel industry.