How I Came to See That the Election Needs to be Audited and How You Can Too
Beth Martinez

Ms. Martinez —

I find your indictment of the election process from township and precinct level to the county level fascinating. You seem young and also unaware that roughly 2–3 generations of Americans have operated on auto-pilot regarding political engagement. When they vote, they typically return incumbents to office based on name recognition — not because they have investigated the character or policy flip-flops of those people, but because “that’s what I was taught”. It has been, and is, boiling the frog by small temperature increases. Those who participate professionally have one goal — to rule. If you want a safe representative government you will serve yourself best by returning to the concept of citizen-legislators rather than professional legislators.

If you resist attempts to establish a neo-Feudalism form of government, the next step is to impose term limits on legislators.

I do not understand the fears and scariness stated by you and your followers. What are you afraid of?

I am not a Trumpbot, but he is hardly a fascist. Ms. Clinton is much more a fascist as she believes government MUST intervene in the raising of children — more so than parents. She believes government knows more and better about your well being than you do. Don’t you desire liberty instead?

At the foundation, it is an age old question … do you belong to the state or does the state belong to you? Are you familiar with Plato’s Phaedo ? If not, you may find it interesting at worst.

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