My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

The author has presented a reasonable metaphor. It is good to keep metaphors simple so that they can be easily understood.

I interpret the person at the top to be a privileged elitist. Elitists are diverse and come in all kinds of race, ethnicity, and creed.

I posit that one could substitute the man at the bottom with any race (including Caucasian or mixed race person) or gender. Upper class white people tend to demean and dismiss middle and lower class whites who are not very successful or work in disdained trades. These poorer whites are disparaged as “white-trash”, “hillbillies”, “bumpkin”, “yokels”, and such.

My immigrant grandparents were considered “wops”, “wogs”, “dagos”, and such. For its purposes, the Census Bureau has since labelled me as “white”.

There is certainly a better understanding of bigotry when one experiences it directly rather than read about it, or observe it from a television program.

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