Low light photography

I’ve always liked low light photography, the contrast between dark and light areas really makes the photos come alive. In the city it’s play between colored neon lights, the dark and the reflections in metals, water, windows. In the country side it’s the sun that has the lead role.

But I have never tried to take these kind of photos using my phone …

The nice part of living in northern Sweden at this time of the year is that sun rise is pretty late so I didn’t have to get up too early. Around 7:00 I was down by the lake where I live waiting for the sun. So here are my photos:

Once again I’m surprised by the technical quality of the photos, but I have to remember the risk for reflections and lens flare.

Encouraged by these results I decided to push the phone a bit more. When walking to work I tried taking a few photos of the hospital/train station and my walk there.

Here the noise is clearly visible but it’s still lower than expected, and there is also some lens flare from the street lights.

I’m starting to think that this “mobile photography” idea is doable.