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The Buddha of Pain (Artwork by Kamiel Proost)

How I was able to let go of a lot of sadness, anger and pain and forgive.

I hate reading things that make me go through 500 pages to read a single page. It seems kind of selfish so I’ll just put it at the top and then give context so you understand what I went through to be able to be free, free of crazy, free of pain and free of darkness.

I call it Upaya, my new company I’m still in the process of getting up and running. It’s based on my own walk out of hell and…

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Have you ever gone after something and have it completely blow up in your face?

I have… a lot.

People preach understanding, helping each other, and according to social media, we’re just one big happy family. The Internet is filled with walking saints, everyone seems to be living the dream, and so, so grateful and open hearted.

Ok, so let’s test that out I say!

The way I find truth in this life is dreaming something up, even as simple as having a loving feeling of adoration for my new 7 mo old adopted cat (thanks, I know I’m a…

I would like to write an easy starter article, without too much editing to get one out the door and see what that feels like. So here we go:

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Jem Costa, here to change the world with you!

Hi, my name is Jem!

Does that name ring a bell for you? No? Maybe this link will jog your memory. Still nothing? That’s good news for me, or at least the inner 12 year old still in there. As a kid I was super proud of my name. …

Jem Costa

CEO of Grapetree Ventures | World Traveler, Radio Show Host, Entrepreneur | Former impact maker at Hypernia and Alienware. @jemtherevelator |

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