Don't Be Allergic To Failure

Who wants to hear the words “You’re a Big Mistake” or “You’re such a Failure”?

It’s like a piece of us is tearing apart every time we had to experience failure, some of us don’t want to continue and start over again.

We always think “I will forever be a failure” , “What’s the purpose of trying again? I will fail anyway”.

But did we ever think that Failures, Rejections, Criticisms are really part of life? — those things actually spices up our life.

If our life is perfect just like what we always wanted then it will be boring, stagnant and we will never grow and learn.

Everyone of us in this world experienced failure whether in career, love or in our personal life.

We can experience it once, twice, thrice, hundred or even thousand times.

But in the end the only thing that matter is how we are going to stand up, try again and look at the bright side of life.

If you’re allergic to failure and can’t start over again, here are the things that hopefully can help you get through the situation:

  • Pray — God will never leave us especially in times that it seems the whole world is against us. HE is carrying us, we might never see it but we have to believe and feel it. Talk to HIM, cry and pray for strength and courage to carry on.
  • Forgive — Forgiving someone that hurt you and made you feel like a BIG FAILURE is not a cakewalk and an overnight process. It takes time but you have to do it, so you can move on without anger and bitterness in your heart.
  • Love and Take care of yourself — Once you experience low self esteem due to failure ,we always take ourselves for granted. You spend the entire day lying in bed, crying and blaming yourself. Cheer Up! Instead of making your life miserable do the things that makes you happy.
  • Spend time with people you love and who really cares for you — Life always has its twist and turns, but those people who really loves you will always be at your side whether we’re on the top or you’re in the most unacceptable part of life. They can make you feel special and loved despite of all your imperfections.
  • Believe in yourself — Know your worth and always believe that everyday you can do better. In that way you can establish your self confidence.
  • Take risks — Nothing in this world is certain, you have to try and take risks. But if you’re dwelling with the failures of your past, you will never be successful.
  • Embrace your fears — Fear is one of the things that is stopping you from doing what you really want. But fear is just an illusion and a feeling that you can control, don’t be afraid to face it. who knows, the next thing you know, you’re able to do all the things you can never imagine.
  • Discover and Explore — Life has so much to offer, failing is the best opportunity for you to explore and discover some things you can do that can make you happy and proud of yourself.
  • Improve Yourself — You can learn something from every failure that you go through and it helps you to become better especially constructive criticism. Work on your weaknesses than taking it negatively.
  • Be grateful — List down every blessings, every achievements you have everyday. Make it a hobby and it can make you feel grateful with your life than just being trapped in the box dealing with your failure allergy.