Better to honor the mood, acknowledge, validate, and then move the hell on rather than beat the…
Maria Ryan

Absolutely excellent!! On a different, but related note :My husband died of cancer a month and a half ago. It is unbelievable to me how many people would ask me, from day one, “How are you doing? “ and while trying to keep things short, while still answering honestly, I’d usually reply “I feel terrible, just terrible “ Starting only the second week after he died, the response to my response became (by many people), “Oh, STILL? “ or “Well, you need to try to move on now because there’s nothing you can do! “ etc. Again, we’re talking about two weeks after the death of the love of my life! Apart from the fact that I can see myself so well in what you have written here, in my normal, day to day life and I want to say thanks for having written it here, I added my personal experience to say that the pressure to “conform “is intense,even in the most private of circumstances.

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