6 Reasons we get sick and what to do about it
Jane Barlow Christensen

Hi! I agree with your ideas. Here’s something interesting, though. I went from being a very wealthy woman to being homeless on the streets of Italy for three years. During those three years, for the first time in my life, I did not get even one cold. My companion didn’t get sick either, for the first time in his life. Other men and women that we met in our time without a home, related the same experience. We knew that we could not “afford “to get sick or heaven knew what would happen. We needed to be always “on the move “in that awful period. I think that my mind and it’s unconscious survival instinct took over. My, and my companion’s, immune systems were boosted by that survival instinct, I believe. Had we had the ability to follow the very good advice that you have written about, we would have probably been even stronger physically! Anyway, I just wanted to pass my story on since it represents a, sort of, different life experience with health.

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