An Emergency Handbook for an Impromptu Italian Beach Vacation
Romie Stott

Oh, this brings back memories. I spent a summer in Sardinia nine years ago and I got the worst stomach bug. There was basically no internet (ah, memories!) where we were and I had no way to look up what I needed. Totally desperate, I sent an Italian friend to the pharmacy to get me something for my stomach, describing what I wanted without using the name “Imodium” since clearly they must call it something different in Italian! Of course, my friend came back with a box labeled… Imodium. Turns out it’s the same in Italian. Could have saved myself a step there, huh?

Also just got back from living a couple of years in Spain where nearly every product has packaging to tell if it contains gluten or not (my favorite: all bottled water labeled SIN GLUTEN. yeah, we got it), but was told it was because the Spanish health minister’s daughter had celiac disease so he encouraged the labeling? Or something like that? At any rate, clearly seems to not be true, so thanks for debunking that rumor!

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