Doris Bergman’s Ninth Annual Style Lounge Loves Television Stars

By Jenny Peters

When Doris Bergman invites television stars and other celebs to join her at her annual Style Lounge held at the Fig & Olive restaurant on Melrose Place in West Hollywood, the crowd always forms.

This year’s lead up to #Emmys2018 brought familiar faces from new TV shows, former Emmy Award winners, current nominees and some film stars too, as the party went all day on September 13. Kicking off the party-filled weekend leading up to the big show on Monday night, “Doris Bergman’s Ninth Annual Style Lounge and Party” had something for everyone to enjoy, starting with a cocktail made with Presenting Sponsor Precious Vodka’s premium wheat-based, six-time distilled beverage, offered up with a truffle-laden lunch served inside the restaurant. There was plenty of wine, too, from, ranging from bubbly to Cabernet Sauvignon.

VIP Sponsor Emporium Thai Chef John with Emmy Nominated Actress Kelly Jenrette of “The Handmaid’s
Tale”; photo courtesy Doris Bergman.

Outside, on the patio where the gifting lounge was located, both Precious Vodka and kept pouring — and gifting bottles as well to the happy attendees. The medal-winning vodka has a unique diamond-shaped bottle that includes a precious gem resting in the top point of the bottle — stars chose a ruby, sapphire or emerald as an extra.

Presenting Sponsor Precious Vodka with Michael Irby of “Mayans M.C.”; photo courtesy Doris Bergman.

Man-made diamonds were also on display, as Zirconmania presented their Diamond Veneer travel jewelry collection, gifting cubic zirconia stud earrings and other pieces that are treated with a veneer of diamond particles. The result is a CZ stone that looks astonishingly real; and one that famous females like Khandi Alexander, Dee Wallace, and Joely Fisher were gifted. They will soon be wearing them on the red carpet and no one will be the wiser!

Luxurious Art Deco-inspired evening gowns were on display throughout the gifting lounge as designer Sue Wong presented both her eponymous fragrances and gorgeous red-carpet ready couture looks for women like 2018 Emmy nominee Kelly Jenrette, whose work in “The Handmaid’s Tale” snagged her that honor. Wong, who immigrated to the United States as a young girl when Mao took over in China, is currently at work on a film based on her fascinating life story, which will bring more much-needed diversity to the silver screen.

Title Sponsor Green HoriZen with Gleb Savchenko of “Dancing with the Stars”; photo courtesy Doris Bergman.

Green HoriZen, the Title Sponsor of the Style Lounge, drew lots of interest in their CBD salves and oils, designed to make aches and pains a thing of the past. And while the cannabis-based Green HoriZen products have no THC, there were other products being gifted that are specifically designed to help get you a bit high (or tipsy). One favorite was from VIP Sponsor Porto Vino, whose clever wine purses and backpacks allow you to not only carry your wine wherever you go, but also to dispense it right out of a secret, discreet tap in the side of the bag.

VIP Sponsor Porto Vino with Diego Tinoco from “On My Block”; photo courtesy Doris Bergman.

Other favorites at the lounge that was chockablock with gifts were the Mobile White teeth whitening system and the Emporium Thai restaurant nibbles created by Chef John; both were VIP Sponsors and were mobbed all day. Also popular among the 2018 Emmy nominees — Lee Garlington, Miles Tagtmeyer, Melvin Jackson Jr., Cindy Caponera and Sam Sokolov — who made the scene were blessing bracelets from My Saint, My Hero and Beauty Kitchen’s line of organic beauty products.

VIP Sponsor Mobile White with Michael Campion from “Fuller House”; photo courtesy Doris Bergman.

We also spotted former Emmy winners Patrika Darbo and Kim Estes in the crowd, along with Michael Irby, whose “Mayans M.C.” sequel to “Sons of Anarchy” is causing a big stir, Michael Campion from “Fuller House” and even those Grammy winning sisters, Bonnie and Anita Pointer. We’re really sorry they didn’t belt out a few songs for us, but you can’t have everything, even at a luxury lounge.

As always, the Doris Bergman’s Style Lounge gave back, with gifts earmarked for children in need in the Los Angeles foster-care system, benefitting Wednesday’s Child, the KTTV Fox 11 News initiative led by news anchor Christine Devine.

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