Kids’ Screen Time Reward Chart

How to end the screen time battles with your kids

screen time reward chart

Do your kids spend half their day asking when they can have screen time?

Use a screen time reward chart to help them help themselves (and keep you from going crazy)!

You can get your own FREE screen time reward chart download here:

Tips for filling out the chart:

  • Have your kids fill out the chart to help them take ownership of their day.
  • Let your kids help choose some of the activities to put on their list.
  • Have a balance between physical, mental, social, and emotional development.
  • Include both quiet time and active time.
  • Tailor it to your child’s personality. Some kids need more quiet time, social time, physical activity, etc.
  • Take into account any particular needs they might have for the day. Have they had too much/not enough activity lately? Not enough sleep? Etc.
  • Include time limits and requirements.
  • Make sure they know what qualifies for each activity.

Ideas for activities/requirements for screen time:

  • Eat healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack
  • Finish homework
  • Read
  • Write, draw, paint, etc.
  • Musical activity
  • Build/construct (Legos, playdough, etc.)
  • Board game, card game, puzzle, activity book, etc.
  • Math/science workbooks, experiments, flashcards
  • Play outside
  • Play with friends/siblings/parents
  • Physical activity
  • Quiet time/rest time
  • Chores
  • Help mom or dad with something

Get your own screen time reward chart for FREE right here:

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