As most of us come up on two weeks or more of quarantine for COVID-19, chances are it’s about time for another trip to the grocery store, and I would argue, a different approach this time.

You can see my original advice for quick meals and frantic grocery shopping here.

When the shelter-in-place orders first came in, I was way too anxious to start tackling ambitious cooking projects, so I resorted to tried-and-true formulas and comfort food, and abandoned my typically healthy habits for chocolate chip banana bread and endless pasta.

Now we are settling into a new way of…

As a nutritional personal chef focused on meal prep, I have been training for coronavirus for a long time. I think about food in terms of what’s going to last, what’s going to be sustaining to the body, and most importantly, what’s going to be delicious. I love any challenge in the kitchen that gets me thinking about ingredients and meals in a different way — whether that be (more often) a client’s dietary restrictions or (currently) a shortage at the grocery store due to a global pandemic. …

Jen Bastien

Hi! I’m Jen.

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