Patience is a muscle — 5 non-meditation ways to develop it

Patience is not incessantly checking to see if the cake is done, it’s baking another cake, or thinking about other cakes you could make or baking bread instead!

Why is cultivating patience such a pain in the butt? With a life fulls of pings and dings, we really need to work on our patience!

5 ways to develop patience:

  1. Fast — Learn to override your basic drive to eat by fasting! I find my brain surprisingly more alert from limiting myself to eat just between 12–8pm.
  2. Have a cold shower — I can just about manage 30 seconds but it’s crazy how much our bodies ‘fear’ cold water — ‘just breathe’!! Again, you’re not going to die.
  3. Eat half a snack — When you do get the nibbles, rather than scoffing it all till you’ve finished the bag, just eat as much as you require then save the rest for another time. Developing this self-awareness and capacity to stop means that I have more snacks at my disposal.
  4. Savour TV — In a similar manner, rather than binge on back-to-back episodes, rekindle that spirit of intrigue and curiosity about what’s going to happen next (don’t Google it!!). After an hour or two of ‘I just need to know!!’, you will regain your self-control.
  5. Shut up for the day — Rest your voice box and observe. Might be something for a day off, or may be a fun exercise to do with people you know. How much can you actual communicate non-verbally? Come on, charades!

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