Satisfy to maximise, perfect to limited effect

Whoop whoop got my website out yesterday. I could have spent ages planning exactly what kind of layout I wanted, the categories and the tags I would need. In the end, I spent about an hour sorting out the domain registration, layout and then another 3 hours migrating 44 posts over from Medium and finalising the whole lot. If the ether space was in 3D you’d see me in a room chucking things out constantly going ‘Nope, don’t need that’, ‘Nope, don’t have time for that’, ‘That’ll do’. So how is satisfy better than perfect?


I know for a fact that I will change the layout of my website at some point. However, if I spend hours planning it, there’s the risk that I’ll become so invested in the way that I originally planned that I can’t shift it.


At the end of the day, ideas that do not come to fruition do squat. By throwing it out there, even half ‘done’, you get the ball rolling. You encourage creation, collaboration, innovation. If you fear your ideas being stolen, then you’re holding the belief that you won’t come up with new ones. If someone does steal your idea, all the more reason to get out there first with some aspect of it.

There is no end

To perfect something suggests that there’s a complete tidy product at the end of it. It suggests a fixed mindset, where there’s no scope to incorporate any feedback or new ideas. But if you just satisfy, you focus on what’s key (for me it was the feeling that I wanted to convey when someone came into my brain space and getting my existing content across). The more able you are to focus on what’s key, the more you can achieve across everything in life because you stop wasting your time and energy faffing around. Your world is limitless.

You know what you want. Some people may like it, some may not. At the end of the day, you like it and you did something about it.

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