Today is a day off (that’s what I’ve told my calendar anyway). In looking for a birthday present, found this book “The Year of Living Danishly” and found myself eager to get huddled up and read it. It’s been making me think about this drive to go GO GO and my brain and heart going no no no recently. A few things have not gone to plan, somewhat often even, to the point that I’ve gone a bit “*deep sigh*…so now what?”.

There are two sides of me — one that has been more action-oriented and drives to improve and get things done, and another which has learnt to be patient and bide my time. When I moved into a house share last March, the new stem from my orchid reminded me that growth takes time. Everything natural takes time and the right conditions. With determination, some things manifest quicker, like my move to my own place.

So back to today. I keep getting surprised that it’s January. I keep jumping to February or April or July trying to predict what to do at these key points. I’m getting tired. This isn’t meant to be a shiny motivational piece nor a dreary bummed out piece, more a recognition that some days you just need a day in, a duvet day, a can’t-be-dealing-with-this-grown-up-business-I-would-like-tea-and-cake-please day. Some days the pause button is needed. A time to stop incessantly searching, predicting and calculating. A time to go shhh…then hmmm (ding!).

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