Places to go, people to see, stuff to buy!

The mindset of a ‘productive’ person

I must go to everything and be everywhere! I am the social butterfly! Only extroverts win. 
I must do this because I won’t get this chance again.
Yes, yes, yes. I mustn’t say no, they’ll think I can’t handle it.
I can remember everything. Sure, I’ll do that. Sure, we’ll meet then. Calendar reminders? Nah, that’s for lazy buggers.
Now, now, now. It’s all important!
I must do it this way, it’s the way it’s done.
Rest? Nah, I don’t need to rest, that’s for wimps.
I must do this on my own. I can handle it all!
Go, go, go.

If you any of this rings true, you are (with respect) bonkers.

Productive people are picky because they invest their time and resources to what’s important to them (and they know what’s important to them). 
Productive people know that their brains are not simply memory containers and question the point of doing things (we are not robots). 
Productive people get stuff done because they all pitch in (your win, is my win). 
Productive people acknowledge their boundaries and limits because they know their best work comes from looking after themselves first.

Honestly though, what are you being productive for?

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