The square root of war

I am ignorant, quite purposefully too. I don’t read the news. It bums me out and it’s generally out of my circle of control or influence. I used to read a free newspaper on my commute to work and remember thinking that the news agency template must have boxes for ‘weather’, ‘murder’, ‘dead solider’, ‘celebrity gossip’. When I do read a piece of mainstream news I get infuriated — more death and destruction to counteract death and destruction, will they ever learn?! But then war makes them rich so why would they stop?

Square root of war = power x power

Any war out there is over power between two parties, whether it be ‘I want that oil’ or ‘I want that land’. War as a result of religion is a horrifying excuse. You’re seriously going to build a holy, pure civilisation on the bones of another? I’m not religious but one of the ten commandments of any Ibrahimic religion says do not kill. It does not say do not kill, plus a footnote or but. If your god/s require worshippers to be powerful, then they are therefore not.

Square root of power = scarcity x scarcity

A fight for power is a fight for a bigger slice of the pie. It comes from a scarcity mindset. Stop fighting for a bigger slice, get a new pie, or even better — make a bigger or new one together (or stop eating that pie and get on with more useful things). Instead of fighting for oil, figure out how we can stop destroying the ground beneath us.

Scarcity vs. abundancy

With an abundancy mindset, there are no limitations, just obstacles to work around.

When the Boston Marathon bombings happened, I was so horrified that such innocent people could be targeted. I am lucky. Life is not a right, but simply luck. I was lucky to be born, to be born in a ‘developed’ country where I can wonder about these issues in the safety of my home. My promise to those less fortunate, is to live as genuinely as possible, to be abundant, enjoy my life, sharing what I can as I go.

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