You should aim to feel imposter syndrome

Just one pot at a time

What is an imposter? They knowingly deceive others by pretending to be someone else, usually for a ‘bad’ purpose.

Anyone learning is going to feel like an imposter. The more you learn, the more you realise you don’t know anything about A or B or C. You’re ignorance was your bliss before (unconscious incompetence). Now you know you don’t know! (aka conscious incompetence).

So how do you deal with the uneasiness of pretending? Know that you are! We put on masks or characters that emphasise our ideal self. I put on a more outwardly confident and extroverted character when I’m presenting. It’s not fake, but it’s not my natural state 100% of the time.

Feeling like an imposter does not make you one. You have mastery, experience and knowledge in other areas. I know my stuff in terms of time management and coaching, but one of my current weakest and growing parts is in marketing so when it’s intertwined in the promotion of my work it can feel unnerving. But I know that I know…some stuff!

How do we prevent this ‘growing pain’ from seeping into our confidence? As well as getting external, objective feedback about our work, we can also maintain our self-confidence by looking after other pots. We are not just our work. We are our hobbies, interests, friendships, family.

Our nerdiness, goofiness, mastery comes from more than one source.

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